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Sweet Girls screensaver

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Sweet Girls screensaver screenshot
Sweet Girls screensaver screenshot
Sweet Girls screensaver screenshot

Let’s face it: everything changes. Living in new digital age often means compromising between technology and esthetics. It may sound irrational, but computers, even when used as creativity tools, are merely machines. Despite the fact that modern operating systems feature gorgeous user interfaces, sitting in front of the computer screen all day long is somewhat destructive to our natural esthetic perception. Characters, numbers, dots, slashes - it is all there...

Well, how about beauty and passion? How about feelings and desires? Aren’t we turning ourselves into machines just because it is so convenient to do networking rather than sightseeing? Ask yourself: "Am I still a human being?" Are you? Have you seen a lot of beautiful artwork lately?

Introducing Sweet Girls, the uniquely artful screensaver by Miury.com, that not just turns your PC into an art gallery but does something more by returning what’s yours by nature – the pleasure of artistic discovery, passion and romance. Sweet Girls screensaver brings absolutely new dimension to your PC.

From now on you are not alone. Gorgeous ladies drawn in charcoal classics manner will introduce you to the new world of art, passion and relaxation as you see each of them appear in front of you and vanish slowly to let the other girl show herself! They are smiling, laughing, serious, appealing, nice, furious… They are very different, but all of them are drawn with passion for style and emotional response. Sweet Girls wear beautiful lingerie and they have exclusive haircut. They dance with you as your imagination comes into play. Should you spend a minute looking at relaxing and eye-pleasing pictures of gorgeous women drawn in memorable manner, the stress of everyday life vanishes in the air.

Sweet Girls are just a couple of clicks away! See them all and forget about worries.

Purchase this screensaver today and get what you actually deserve!

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Sweet Girls screensaver screenshot

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